Forever Paradise



                                                    Curiosity and passion are tools of the imagination.  Change can be the inspiration for creative action.  Creativity reveals the spirit.





    A glimpse of the salvaged pieces from the Triangle






Forever Paradise 1984 


Emo Chanel   
Os Anderson  
Patrick T  
S. Miller  
Ken Clinger  
Kurt Kren  
Julian Ross  
Phillip Shelton  
Helen Heaven  
Kay Thomas  
Idle Time  
 Mr. Fabulous  
Jen Grey  
Mick Mather  
P. P.  
Bovine Productions  
Doug Wichert  
Lois Way  
Guy Bleus  
Fran Cutrell Rutkovsky  
Michael R. Swan  
M Tente  
Michael Leigh  
Tyler James Hoare




Emo Chanel 63 West Orange St., Tarpon Springs, FL 33589

Os Anderson


P.O.1500, New York, NY, USA 10009

Patrick T

Berkeley Office,1649 Dwight Way, Berkeley, California 94703

S. Miller

1600 E. 5th St., Suite 302, Charlotte, N.C. 28204


3235 1/2 Fairview Ave E., Seattle, Washington 98102

Ken Clinger

1553 Pine 2, San Francisco, CA 94109

Kurt Kren. P.O. Box 6826-hoFA, Houston,Tx 77265
Julian Ross Artist at Large, 1400 Hayworth Ave., #36, West Hollywood, Ca 90046
Phillip Shelton 2300 Pine Ave., Manhattan Beach, CA, 90266
Helen Heaven 1649 Dwight Way, Berkeley, CA 94703
Kay Thomas "Queen of Texas Mail Art" 17 Northridge Cr., Texarkana, Tx 75503
Idle Time Box 7418NTSU, Denton, Tx 76203  
Mr. Fabulous     P.O. Box 46, Cambridge, Mass 02238, U. S. A.
Jen Grey Art Dept., CSULB, Longbch., CA 90840
Mick Mather 1014 Willis Ave,, Syracuse, NY 13204
P. P.    
Bovine Productions 1553 Pine #2, San Francisco, CA 94109
Doug Wichert 1908 Montair Ave., Long Beach 90815
Lois Way Chandra Studio, 3208 8th Ave., Ft. Worth, Tx 76110
Guy Bleus Archive P.O. Box 43, 3830 Wellen, Belgium
MIDNIGHT 325 No. Rio Vista, Jefferson, LA 70121
Fran Cutrell Rutkovsky 227 Westridge Drive, Tallahasse, FL 32304
Michael R. Swan P.O. Box 1642, Downey, CA 90240  
Rudolph 3045 Hollycrest Dr, Hollywood, CA 90068
Horseman 1809 Lupin Lane, Ceres, CA 95307  
M Tente c/o Ruggero Maggi - C. so Sempione 67 - 20149 - Milano - ITALY
Michael Leigh 15 CamdenHurst Street, Poplar London E:14, England
Tyler James Hoare 30 Menlo Place, Berkeley, CA 94707









Forever Paradise  1984


1984. Greetings from the DRF, THE ONGOING PROCESS.  Our vision of paradise changes, almost daily at times. Fade away as it might, there is always some paradise-like delight in sight.  Coupled with wonder-bombs in the post box, the moment is Forever Paradise.  The movement is regional, tropical.  And the whole thing is as active as any swamp cam be.  It is the one2one correspondence that is the boon of MA.

1987.  The Dada Relief Front is seeking relief from a swamp of lost documentation.  We search ...the circle is yet unbroken. Paradise forever is at hand, yet vanished in the regional folklore of the Bermuda Triangle.

ORIGINAL KNOWN PARTICIPANTS: Harry Fox, Bovine Production, Rene & Donna, Michael VooDoo, 6c Postage, Jan Wilson Kaufman, Delore Wheeler, Freyda Miller, S. Miller, Denver Tuson, Walter Alter, Molly Blue Santiago, Bob Porterfield, Sasha, Xeno, Dixon, Tom Pack, Lois Way, Fine Art Corn, John Hudak, Kathleen Dillon, Anne Sharp, Bob Urso, James Evans, Marla M. Burg, J. Rayette Rhoades, James Cellini, Carol E. Allen, Annika, Nick Donnybrook, Lloyd Stensrud, Claudia K. Benbow, T. Hoone, Les Cammer, Rudolph, Eva Lake, Kay Thomas, Deborah Taylor Harris, Fran Cutrell Rutkovsky, Andrew Penczar, Andersen, Sherri Hildebrand, Michelle Minilus, J.D. Doroff, Phillip Shelton, Joanne Freeman, Mick Mather, Leo Rava, Michael R. Swum, Susan Kinsey, Robert Anthony, Mark Block, Private World, Jen Grey, Oh Susanna!, Midnight, Furry Couch, Constant Cause, Mr. Fabulous, Michael Leigh, Kansas College of Collage, Blaster, Ottotron, Ursula Peters, and all honorary members of the Dada Relief Front--you know who you are--Christa,Vicky, M.Yang, T.B. MaGee, T.Neil


Show originally exhibited  at

Kala Institute 1984



Continued exhibition in the Florida Swamps through Marcel Duchamp's Birthday July 28, 1987  until lost in the Bermuda Triangle.










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